Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello 2013!

Wow that was a long unexpected break from this little space!

I wont lie it feels a little awkward and intimidating to come back

as if the sound of my typing will echo off empty screens.

Helloooooooo, Is anyone there?

For those of you who did hang in there,

I'm back, refreshed, and inspired to share lots of wonderful things with y'all!

I needed that break

focused solely on my family

soaked up every second of my little boys

the little part is fading of so quickly.....

Here's the fastest recap of our joyful Christmas I can give you


Our first holiday to celebrate only as a family of four.
A traditional Indian dinner for Christmas Eve in honor of our future daughter.
Two sweet boys a tad overly excited for what the next day would bring.
Christmas Day! 
Squeals, laughter and happy dances more than I could count
Warm, homemade cinnamon rolls and hot coffee
The perfect, simple morning
The following day Mimi and Papa arrived for yet another round of Christmas. 
The boys were thrilled
gifts exchanged
games played
memories in the making 
A thankful heart for the time we get to spend together.
This was the gift that we gave to all the women in our family this year. 
You can read more about the organization here
A beautiful bracelet for a beautiful cause.
The boys helped collect the shells over the past few trips to the beach
They were a perfect fit!

It has been a wonderful, joyous, filled-to-the-brim Christmas season
I'm overly blessed to have so many dear friends and family surrounding us.
I'm overly thankful for the love of a husband, the smiles of two healthy boys
a nephew that makes me laugh harder then I knew I could, 
a niece in the making that I will surely spoil
the news that my beautiful baby sister and her husband are expecting their first bambino!!!!
My parents will have 5 grandkids in 2013 
and we are praying number 6 miss Selah won't be far behind!

So there it all is!
I hope y'all's 2013 is off to a wonderful start!
So much more to share with you so stick around :)


  1. love the bracelet idea and the shells add a perfect touch. It's nice to take a break from the internet and it's nice to come back to it. love your family photos!!

  2. I'm here! I took a break too here and there, and I'm still horrible about checking back in with my fave blogs....

    Have a great Start to your new year my dear!

  3. I think your pictures and your beautiful words were the perfect recap my dear friend! :) Love you!

  4. Thanks for sharing all your lovely pics, and glad you're back!

  5. Happy New Year Ko!!! So happy to hear you enjoyed the holidays with your sweet fam!!! Looking forward to catching up on your great ideas and mommy adventures :)

  6. I'm still here - and glad you're back! That picture of your family at the end is AMAZING! Love it!

  7. Happy Twenty thirteen dear ko.
    It sounds like your holiday was so beautiful and this year is going to be more of the same. New babies in the family are always so special, congratulations to your sister and I am praying your daughter is in your arms soon.

  8. love that you had a traditional Indian meal in honor of sweet Selah! How special for the boys, too, I'm sure!! Looks like a great Christmas! xoxo