Monday, December 3, 2012

Rosemary Tree With Burlap Bow

Have y'all seen the adorable rosemary trees floating around the grocery stores lately?
 Last Friday I snagged one on sale and now my kitchen is looking oh so festive! 
It turned out so cute that I'm thinking this might be a quick and cheap teacher gift! 
Let me show you what I did.

You Need:
A cheap little rosemary tree
Burlap garland
A zip-tie
 Cut a long strip from the burlap.
1.Wrap it around the container.
2. Crisscross in the back and tie it off in the front, leaving the ends long.
3. Cut another piece of burlap, make a big loop, pinch in the middle and zip-tie it.
4. Take one long end from step 2 and place it over the zip-tie; tie a knot underneath using the second long end.
Trim your tails and you are done! 


  1. I haven't seen those cute little trees, but now I am going to have to go to town and look for one, for Me! ;)

  2. Super cute! This could also be a creative way to wrap an herb plant as a gift. :)

  3. The is the cutest thing ever. Thanks for sharing, I think I may need to get one. :)

  4. I have not seen these! so cute, I have to find one :D

  5. super cute! perfect in the kitchen for adding rosemary when cooking. sweet idea.

  6. Super cute indeed!!! You can spruce up just about ANYTHING Ko!!!

  7. Agreed with all the previous commenters: Super Cute! And yes, a nice little gift for a teacher or neighbor...

  8. #1 Love the Mrs. Meyers in the pictures. We're fans as well.

    #2. Any idea how to make the rosemary tree? I have a HUGE rosemary plant in my herb garden, and would love to make this. Do I just trim it in the shape of a tree? Thoughts?

    #3. You're great. That's all. :)

  9. Love the idea of using a rosemary tree in the kitchen. Fragrant and fun! Love burlap.