Friday, December 14, 2012

Oh By Golly!

Now this would make for a 
Holly Jolly Christmas
I can't stop staring at them! Oh the cuteness!
Seriously, who has the time for this?

Not I!

But if you do, I'll take a dozen or so ;) Pretty please with pink icing on top!

Here's a link to a tutorial that shows you how to make them.
Thanks Mimi for passing this along to me!

Happy Holly Jolly Friday Y'all!


  1. You have time once all the babies are grown, when the home stays clean for longer than 5 seconds and you are looking for things to fill time. I am so doing these next week. Thank you for the link, they are adorable.
    Enjoy a beauty filled weekend.

  2. Oh my goodness, I love it, just adorable!

  3. I just took a peak at the link...after all that effort making these adorable gingerbread houses, I CANNOT imagine eating them! I'd have to at LEAST savor each bite...first the walls and then the roof...of course I'd lick off all of the yummy frosting first :)

  4. These are the cutest things ever. If you do find a taker to make em, send them my way. :)