Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DIY Mini Snowglobes

I'm a little late getting this post up today,

the tree fell last night....

You'll get a grand post tomorrow with all the jolly details.

But today, a happy little craft that your kiddos will 


I'll warn you, this is messy with a 2 year old.

Glitter snow is no joke people.


But the fun factor makes up for it
the delight in the boys faces made it worth it.

What you need:
Baby food jars (if you don't have them on hand, buy applesauce ones and use it to make these)
Glitter snow (purchased at Michaels)
Mini trees (purchased at Michaels)
Chair pads (or something else to raise the tree up)
Hot Glue

What to do:
Hot glue the pads to the lid (we went 2 high)
Hot glue the tree to pad (put a dot of glue down and let the kids push the tree into it)
Put a small scoop of snow in the jar (danger zone if you have a 2 year old)
Hot glue the lid in place
Paint lid

Happy Wednesday to y'all! Cheers to a productive and joyful rest of the week!

Look for the O' Christmas Tree post tomorrow,
it's a doozie ;)


  1. Looks like a lot of fun to do with the little ones, thanks :)

  2. Oh I can just imagine the mess my little man would make all over our carpet AND how much of the snow would end up in his mouth :)

  3. We use to make these in my class when I taught! So much fun!!!!!

  4. Now was it really that messy? I guess I will have to believe you. I think you are the best mom ever with all the fun crafts you do :)

  5. What a fun craft! I am going to hide it away for a snowy afternoon after the holidays...

  6. Super cute! Nothing beats Christmas crafts with kids - magical!