Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap and Mimi Turns 50!

Was Thanksgiving really a week ago already???? 
My head is still spinning from it all and I'm t-minus 2 days away from our next set of company arriving! So before more time slips away and I jump back into all of my planned posts for the month 
I've got to share just a bit of the crazy fun that took place. 

The men said my picnic table wouldn't fit inside. My Dad said it couldn't be done ;)
It was done and it was awesome!
Plates were filled, toasts were made, stories told.
My home soaked up all the laughter.
Little boys fell in love with their Sassy.
We watched Elf after the meal 
while little ones snuck extra
Family pictures were attempted
I do love Mr. Dooze ~
the gracious host his momma raised him to be...
 I don't think we quiet captured it
these little men....sigh....
Mr. Doozie likens it to herding cats.
My momma, the Mimi, some know her by Jam
She is amazing....a true rock star....
A morning beach workout was in order....the entire family was there
Yes a few men wore kilts. 
Hardcore indeed
The Mimster smoked us all and smiled the whole way.
200 man pushups!
Mr. Doozie and I took it all very seriously.
Beachside breakfast after to celebrate.
Back to the house to open gifts.
The theme from all the kids...
Bluebirds Handcrafted
Mimi's favorite
The littles sang a song we wrote
Sweetness perfected.
The Gifts:
Bluebird house, felt pillow, beaded ornaments
a sketch, tea towel and hand cream
nesting bluebirds and a coffee cozy
Her day was wrapped in love.
Hugs and kisses, tears shed
planes borded.
3,000 pictures later and this just may be
Our Christmas Card!
Because this year has been about life, 
the messy, loud, wonderful family we have. 

I'd rather show you that any day!


  1. Your Thanksgiving looks like it was a blast.
    Happy birthday to your Mom, my goodness, she is beautiful! I love that she is so fit, I'm working on it, although today's WOD at Crossfit Mamas looks a little scary.
    Your Christmas card looks just perfect, your really do have such an amazing family and the love shines through.

  2. happy birthday to your mom! I love seeing your family together having fun and just "being". It's nice isn't it? Love the family photos!!

  3. This is one of my favorite posts yet! I love you and your family so much friend! I adore your "Christmas Card" picture! :)

  4. What a wonderful recap!!! I can feel the warmth and love that was happening all weekend! So glad you all had such a great time! Happy belated birthday Ms. Mimi...getting younger by the year for sure!!!

  5. beautiful! fun to read!
    just super duper darling.

  6. Love that the guys were wearing kilts! And that beach picture of your Mom is awesome. She is an amazing woman.

  7. mimi is crazy rad! love all these seeing all the details and the love just oozes right through the computer screen!!! those bluebird creations...oh just outdo yourself over and over...with loveliness...and i can't remember if i've said it already but the chevron runners are so jazzy. right up my toying with making them for the gals in my family.

    have a lovely, my dear!

  8. What fun! Your Thanksgiving looked absolutely wonderful! Ha - I love your Christmas card pic, as you know, ours was a picture of Naomi running away, such is how life looks in our house, that busy little bee!