Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bring on the Holidays!

I'm so ready y'all! I want cozy meals with family, quiet nights by the fire, gingerbread houses covered in candy, secret wrapping parties after the kids have gone to bed and holiday pajamas for all......Bring on the holidays!

I'm not sure if Mr. Doozie approves or not, but he sure doesn't stand in my way. I'll take that as approval. And after the yucky morning I had yesterday I needed a little holiday cheer. So last night I dressed up just one tiny nook and I love how it turned out!

If you are on IG you saw that I quilled my heart out while stuck at my parents during Sandy.

Lots and lots of tiny paper snowflakes made out of magazine pages were created. Fun but very time consuming. I'm debating on a tutorial here in the near future because of the time factor. But the more I think about it they are adorable ornaments and would look incredible attached to Christmas gifts. What do y'all want?

So here is the vintage crate shelf I have up near the craft room. It was looking a little drab with the lack of sunlight and fresh flowers missing.
So this is what I did with a bit of clear fishing line, a picture from a magazine and a few jingle bells I had lying around. Yes, I have jingle bell lying around ;)

And I may or may not have had THIS song on repeat the past few days (click on Snow Globe)
Happy Thursday y'all!


  1. too cute! i love your creative holiday spirit! I love Christmas Holiday the most out of all of the holidays. It's the "prettiest."
    And you know what, I just realized your blog was not on my sidebar list. SHAME ON ME!

  2. I'm feelin' the holiday spirit too Ko!!! I'm so looking forward to getting my tree! Happy pre-holidays girlie!!! :)

  3. thanks for the song link, I love it!! I am ready for some holiday spirit :)

  4. Wow, love the tiny paper craft! Seriously, love it.

  5. With the election over, and the storms passed, I think I am finally ready to start thinking about the holidays. You have a great attitude for having that leaky roof! Way to go!

  6. You already know that I LOVE this post...I am all about starting the holiday spirit early (sometimes I get told I start it too early). I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you displayed the snowflakes and I LOVE the jingle bells!

    Miss you lady!