Friday, September 7, 2012

September's Giveaway!

Oh my goodness! It has been way too long since I've done a giveaway on here! But now with school underway and a normal routine shaping up around here, you should be seeing them a whole lot more often! Sooooooo here we go!
Whatcha Get:
A hand-embroidered, ribbon drawstring travel pouch (I'd use it to hold jewelry or makeup).
My new favorite Essie nail polish color ~ Yogaga.
Three sweet little hairpin rosettes made from gorgeous Holland felt.
And last but not least, a hand embroidered, reusable coffee/tea sleeve.

Other than the nail polish everything you see was handmade by yours truly ;)

How to Enter: 3 ways, 3 separate comments. Easy Peasy.
1st Entry: Become a follower of the blog and tell me how you follow in a comment.
2nd Entry: Friend the Domestic Doozie on Facebook, leave a comment telling me that you did.
3rd Entry: Leave a comment telling me what would you like to see in the Etsy shop for the holidays.

I'll announce the winner next Friday, September, 14th! Have a great weekend y'all!


  1. Hi there,

    I love your blog! You have such a sweet little family and your Etsy shop crafts are just adorable. I follow via email and on Google reader. I've also sent a Facebook request.

    Fingers crossed! I would love to win the giveaway!

  2. You really are a generous and talented soul ko.
    I must tell you that the essie polish I won from you is the best and has become my favorite!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. So, I already follow your blog and are friends with you on Facebook. :)
    Here are some ideas that I think would be fun to see in your etsy shop for the holidays:

    Festive pillows
    Mason Jar Soap dispensers (well actually anything fun with Mason Jars)
    Maybe custom frames (like the ones you posted the tutorial for on your blog)
    Christmas Quilts
    Maybe some fun stuff with burlap for Fall

    Those are just a few of my thoughts! :) Hugs!

  4. PS....I think you should also sell festive coffee sleeves b/c how cute would that be to have different ones for the different holidays...maybe a four pack (fall, winter, spring and summer)

  5. I've been following for about a month. My husband found the post where your husband was wearing the "my wife is blogging this" shirt and thought it was the funniest thing ever, so shared with me.

  6. Just sent a Facebook friend request.

  7. I really like Stephanie's idea of a festive four pack mug cozies. Or tree bunting, tree skirt, fall napkin rings....

  8. jewelry, bags, holiday napkin rings and placemats(cuz meals are so all important), hostess gifts, wreaths (don't know if that's your thing, but would like it if it was).
    I will see you on facebook!

  9. Fun giveaway. Would love to see those wooden pictures frames you made. Have the customer (me) email you the pic...:-)

  10. I read your blog when I get an email that said you have updated. Linda gerig

  11. I'm already a happy blog-follower through email and facebook friend! And you know I'm excited about your festive harvest and winter/Christmas bunting coming soon to your shop! :)

  12. You are TRULY a very talented momma!!! I follow you via my favorite the blogosphere!

  13. I personnaly would love a scented shoulder wrap with a festive print...I really need one this winter :) Would also love some handmade ornaments...I JUST CAN'T RESIST HANDMADE ORNAMENTS!!!

  14. ok! we are now officially friends! whew, what a relief! :)

  15. ok. here's my cozies made from upcycled wool sweaters...felted in the dryer with a touch of embroidery!

  16. The coral color of the coffee sleeve and pouch is my favorite! So cute!
    Liking the idea of seasonal coffee sleeves

  17. Oh i love the coffee sleaze idea! Those frames you posted are adorable too! Coral an aqua are my favorite colors, seriously of you could only see the inside of my house! Ha ha

    1. And by sleaze I meant sleeve. Stupid phone!

  18. So very talented you are! My family are looking for Christmas stockings and I think you could really design something fabulous!

  19. I love how the gifts excluding the nail polish are hand made by you. It just means so much more when it is homemade.