Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One Hundred Recap

April 2nd I set out on a crazy goal of 100 miles by May 6th. Running was a part of my life 6 years ago and since then it's been an up and down battle to get back to it. I can list out a ton of excuses as to why that love slipped away. But don't we all have those excuses? 

My plan for this post was to list out everything I've learned about myself over these 100 miles. And I'll still make that list, it's long and chalked full of awesomeness. But really the number one question people have been asking is "how much weight did you lose?"

In a minute I'll tell you. But here is what I knew before I stepped on the scale. For over a month I've run at least 3 miles almost everyday. Most of the miles were ran while pushing a double stroller with two boys in it and a dog at my side - about 90 plus pounds total. My clothes fit crazy different, loose in the bottom and waist. My running pants tend to fall down now and I've been tossing them in the dryer in hopes of shrinking them. My face looks thinner and people comment on it. I've dropped 2 minutes on my mile time since I've started, and have more energy then I can remember having in a long time. All signs that scale would happily boast a smaller number.

Y'all I lost one baby pound.

Bill has been an awesome coach over this past month, pushing me harder, showing me how to keep going and not injure myself. He also told me not to step on the scale for another week because he didn't want this accomplishment of 100 miles to be linked to a number on the scale. He's been right this whole month. Why the heck (and I really want to use a different word here but I won't) didn't I listen to him this time around.

After he left for work this morning I stepped on the scale and saw the number, my heart sank. Ugh! My husband is always right! I tried to tell myself the scale must be broken, maybe the kids have jumped on it too many times. I felt panic creep into my chest and tried to remind myself of how different I felt. I even went out and purchased a new scale. Same number...

So honestly I feel jipped. Ticked that I let all those questions of weight loss push me onto a scale. This was not the post I planned writing but I want to always be honest with y'all.

 I have fallen in love with running again and I hate that I blackened this accomplishment with such a vain thing as a number. Now this all might be the rantings and ravings of a woman at a certain time of the month and I'm hoping that by this weekend I'll have a clearer outlook and be able to write out my list but right now y'all I could just use a hug. I let my joy get stollen and I'm off to go find it.


  1. Oh sweetie, throw that scale away!
    You feel good right? Have more energy? Focus on what you have accomplished and the goals you have for the future, not a lousy number. You are beautiful and you should feel amazing for all the hard work you have done these past few months. Hugs to you!

  2. I know that EXACT feeling!! Every time I get serious about exercise, the people closest to me tell me they are worried about my weight. When I get discouraged and give up, they tell me how good I look. I used to track me weight, now I track my distance (possible inspired by a certain blogger I know...). Sorry you are discouraged :(

  3. Oh friend HUGS are being sent to you! I wish I was there to give you one in person! I am sorry that a number has squashed your joy (I've been there many a time). Just remember how your clothes feel when you put them are losing inches and that is such a great feeling! Praying for you friend! Praying for your joy to become overflowing once again! I know I've said it already, but I am so proud of you for setting your goal and for reaching it! You're a stud! :)


    and now...i'll say it for you!


    hubs is right, as is tracey! lose the scale! clearly, you have turned some fat to muscle and muscle is more powerful and weighs more!!!you are getting stronger and that scale is scared! you rock!and are so dang beautiful and from looking at your photos....for years are as close to perfect as we are meant to be! keep running, away from the scale and to your hearts content!

    i replied to rangers comment...he wins! and i think i have your address! look in the mail soon!

  5. I'm po'd for you. That is super frustrating. This is a dumb question but did lose the weight earlier and just replace it with muscle? Which ways more that baby fat! Go buy yourself some smaller clothes, old clothes aren't going to shrink!

    I'm still proud of you!

  6. My heart sunk reading that too, I'd feel the same! But then I'd call my friends and blog about it, and everyone would make me feel better :-) if your clothes are loose you're doing great, plus you made your goal, which is amazing! You've just hit a stubborn plateau to work through but you'll get there.

  7. I haven't owned a scale in 10 years, because I got addicted to checking it. What you are doing is amazing and awesome, don't diminish it by some number. (and don't forget muscle weighs more than fat)

  8. I don't need to repeat what all these comments prior say but you see and feel the difference and in the end that is all that matters! And as always an inspiration! Way to go! Keep up the hard work!

  9. I said it already to you today, but I'll tell you again - You ROCK! You are such a beautiful and encouraging example to your friends, your family, those 2 kiddos smelling the fresh spring air each morning in the BOB, and to the blog world out there that you've shared this journey with! We are inspired by your dedication and commitment to hit the road (or sidewalk :)) day in and day out, pushing 90 pounds of gear and children rain or shine. In God's strength, YOU DID IT, and He will bless you for your endeavors. Maybe not in pounds lost this month, but in much more valuable things. You are glorifying Him by taking care of His temple (aka YOU :)) every time you put those cute pink sneakers on! I love you and I'm so proud of you!

  10. Don't forget, muscle weighs more than fat so don't think you haven't vastly improved! Congrats on the 100 miles... that is no small feat or feet :-) hehe!