Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Randomness

Hello my lovely readers! Thank you for all your well wishes this past week. Y'all rock! Seriously! Thank you for making this little blog part of your life. I'm always shocked and humbled when I check my stats for the day. 

We are still in the throes of Hand Foot and Mouth over here. While Jack is on the mend, Bill caught it and is at the worst stage. Thankfully Will and I are sailing through this and only suffering a mild case of Cabin Fever ;) I'm just praying that by this weekend we will have booted this disease out the front door!
Since we have been housebound I've had extra time to work on the new craft room. Things are really shaping up. You'll see the whole thing soon!
My hubby knows me so well. Vintage thread.....ahhhhh..... One of my favorite Christmas gifts.
I cleaned up the window from this post here and it now hangs above my sewing machine.
Who doesn't love tissue poms!?! I love these ones even more because they are from a baby shower I hosted for a dear dear friend. It's a fun reminder to have hanging in the room. Makes the miles apart seem less.
 Yummy color everywhere you look!

On Saturday we had a little bit of sunshine and Jack was feeling better. We've figured out a good medication routine and if I keep him on track he finally has enough energy to play. Makes my heart very thankful for modern medicine.

The grass really does need to be cut...but it made for a pretty picture.
My little ragamuffins...
I can't believe he will be 5 in August. How did that happen?!?
A smile from the little man! So thankful to see him rallying!

Have a joy filled week y'all! I was chatting with a sweet friend of mine this weekend, sharing all the craziness that is going on in our lives and she said that she just keeps telling herself "it's just small stuff". And it is, just that. Small stuff. Don't let that small stuff steal your joy this week! Love ya!


  1. Just seeing little peeks of your craft room looks inspiring!
    I love your outlook on life, that is mine too and I wish you the best today! :)

  2. I love all the color of your post!
    Sorry to hear about the HF&M---would you believe my husband and I got that a little over a month ago? We both took sick within 24 hours of each other with fevers, chills, aches. Thought we had the flu but nope, then the spots came. A neighbor kid had it, though we personally had no contact with her, our kids did. Strangely the kiddos came through with no spots, but we were all feeling bad. Well, happy Monday, hopefully it will pass quickly!

  3. I am so glad that the sickness has left the house! Finally :) Love the photos and doesn't the grass always need to be cut? It does around here!

  4. I can't believe Bill caught it... especially after we had talked about how it is mainly a kid thing. At least Will has stayed clear of it and hopefully by now, you all are fully recovered :-)