Friday, May 11, 2012

Instagram Friday

Hello hello :) It has been an off week for me but I'm moving through it, reorganizing my thoughts and my house. It's been a cleansing week and I'm emotionally exhausted but starting to see the other side. A side that looks bright and full of joy. So excuse my lack of participation in blogland as of late. I think after this weekend I'll be at a very good place. My camera is full of pictures for tutorials on here, kids crafts to share, and stories to tell. Just need a little more refocus time and I'll be back. I promise :)

For now, here's our week Instagram style!
Best moment of the week right here. Will and I spent his quiet time building Legos and crafting while Jack napped. It was cool and rainy outside, making for such a cozy time for the two of us.
We are trying hard to make this little house a home. I used to craft in the dining room, taking over the entire table, resulting in us eating picnic style in the family room. Yesterday my SIL and I came up with a plan and when Bill got home he approved it. The dining room is now my craft room! We moved our table into the living room, odd I know, you'll see pictures next week. Now my sewing table is drenched by natural light from the bay windows and Bill is going to build me a custom table to fit the small space for other crafty goodness! He was also kind enough to agree to a repaint in here. Think a sunny happy color :) Looking forward to showing you the finished product!
Oh Dora, what in the world??? She was half asleep sitting there in the sun :)
 My boys are rocking the sunglasses everywhere lately!
Do you remember these? Bill's parents saved a lot of his old toys and passed them on to Will. He loves these and is finally coordinated enough to snap them into place on his own!
Hello $3 thrift store find! Cant wait to give it a makeover~
Have a wonderful weekend! Love on the mommas in your life :)


  1. LOVE that he is liking the Legos :)

  2. My MIL saved the same kit of toys too, that's so funny. Your photos make me yearn for just a couple years ago. Happy Mother's Day!!!

  3. I think it's wonderful that you are making your house your own. Who says that rooms need to be certain things? I can't wait to see your special place.
    My boys played with the exact set of toys and I have them put up for future grands.
    I hope you have the most special Mother's Day KO.

  4. Love the pics Ko!!!...and that mirror...such a cool shape!!! Looking forward to reading all of your back"blog" :) HAPPY MOMMA'S DAY!!!

  5. sweet pics, mama! love that cute doggie.
    Have a wonderful mama's day!

  6. Happy Mother's Day to one of the best momma's I know! I still have my little bird houses you helped the kids with for Mother's Day 2 years ago on display...Missing ya'll, as always!

  7. Oh my goodness -- you seriously find some of the best thrift store mirrors and frames!

    I an completely understand the bloggy break. Sometimes I step back too just for a refresher.

    Can't wait to see how the new craft space comes together!