Friday, April 20, 2012

One Hundred

Happy Friday! Did y'all have a good week? Ours seemed to fly by and I'm so thankful for that!

So, today I have something BIG to share with you. Well, big to me. Some of you wildly in shape people may scoff. But for me, this is monumental. I haven't put my mind to something this physically challenging since college. I set a goal this month and told myself once I hit halfway and knew I wasn't going to die from it, that I'd share it with y'all!

Today I hit 55 miles for the month of April. The goal is 100 by May 6th. Yep, ONE HUNDRED MILES! I think I'm going to make it, in fact I know I'm going to! I did get the idea from here, I really do admire this woman.

My senior year of college I fell in love with running. I needed a few extra credits to graduate and decided to take a running class. It rocked my world, mid way through I ran the Charlottesville 10 Miler. I felt like I could conquer the world.

Fast-forward 6 years, 5 moves, 2 deployments, 2 babies, more pregnancy weight than you can imagine and the big 3 0 around the corner and I felt like I had completely lost that girl I was. This year we found ourselves at a new duty station, a new phase in our life and the lightbulb went on. This is MY year, in a non-selfish way ;) All the factors are perfect and I'm going to take full advantage. Yes, I know I just posted a cake recipe :) It's all in moderation, it's all about creating harmony in your life, and not swinging the pendulum to one side.

I used to love to run and it was a little hard getting back into it.  In fact for the past few weeks I've been pretty ticked off ;) even glaring at my running shoes. Ha!  But it wasn't until halfway through this goal that I'm starting to hit my stride and get a glimpse of that girl from the past. I'm starting to cruise and I'm starting to feel that joy again, and if you know me, you know I like big finales....

While it's not a big finale in milage it's a very colorful finale and I think I may like that even more. At least for now.

So on May 6th, after reaching my goal of 100 miles of pounding the pavement, my sweet and obliging husband will be running with me under the name Team Doozie at the Color Me Rad race. You can laugh, I am :) Bill should win an award for most supportive husband, bless his heart....
Color Me Rad
Their races always support a local charity. This year it's to help get at-risk kids swim lessons, something very needed in a beach community. I liked the charity, I loved the color, I knew it was be the perfect way to celebrate the completion of this goal. And what can I say, it will be a riot to see Bill getting blasted with colored corn starch! I love you honey ;)

So there you have it! This is what I've been up to. Moving, breathing, falling in love with running again, thanking God for this body He has given me, and trying to take better care of ME.


  1. how exciting!!! My goal has been to walk more and I love that feeling of accomplishment. Congratulations and go go go you!

  2. Keep on running ko!
    I ran for many years and loved it. This past year I have been told that I can no longer run, but I can still walk so for that I am grateful.
    I like that you are helping at- risk kids learn to swim. In my town there is the same program since we are surrounded by water and have had too many drownings.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Yay! Oh how I wish we could run together :) I miss having a running partner! :) You can totally reach you're goal! You are a stud! Hugs!

  4. go girl go! or come! come run with me! me and you, thelma and louise, in moab one week after the tie dye race (which sounds absolutely amazing!!!) hooray for you! that's an awesome goal and isn't it funny how we can simultaneously love and hate something SO MUCH!

    hope you log some glorious miles this weekend!

  5. What an amazing goal you have set for yourself! Not sure if you have noticed but I've been making some healthy changes myself. Down 35lbs since January and I think I need to find something like this (not a 100miles, but maybe a fun couple event) to help motivate me to get back in the gym! I can diet all I want but to get healthier I need exercise too. I will have to bounce some ideas off Sean, I'm sure he would be right there with me with whatever I choose.

    Make sure you take pictures after the race! My soon to be sister in law just did a color race, looks like SO much fun!!!

    Thank you Ko for continuing to be an inspiration to be even on the other side of the country!!

  6. Great job, Ko! Your dedication is quite inspiring. :) Hopefully this gorgeous spring weather will give you some extra pep in your step! I am also quite impressed that those awesome boys of yours are "strolling" through 100 miles this month! :)

  7. That is wonderful! I am just starting a serious exercise program to lose weight. It is daunting.

  8. Thanks ladies for all your words of encouragement! I hit 62.6 miles this week and could have done more but the rain was a bit much! It is so nice to finally be hitting a stride. That being said, my sweet husband reminded me that not every run will be a "good" run and that is something we should all remember. There are still days that I feel like I'm dragging my body through quick sand...ugh!