Friday, April 13, 2012

Instagram Friday

It was a simple week around here so this is what I've got for you today! Apparently this week we focused on finishing up the cake ;) Happy Friday y'all! This is the last weekend to enter the giveaway! I'll announce the winner on Monday!
3 custom buntings were finished!
I was working in the other room when I heard Jack announce "I eat cake ma". This is what I found.
Dora pup has been a running girl! We have a big goal that I'm almost ready to share with y'all!
Vintage sheets from the thrift store. I didn't buy them, but they might be on my pick up list for this weekend. I think they would make adorable bunting or even cloth napkins for a girly girl tea party with some ric-rac trimming! 
Who needs a fork?

Thanks for all the fun and sweet comments as of late! Y'all are too awesome :)


  1. I love the last photo the best! That cake looks too good to be true :)

  2. So, that picture of Jack is priceless and needs to be saved in a safe place so that someday it can be in his wedding video....too cute! Love those sheets too! Love how your mind thinks!