Friday, April 6, 2012

Instagram Friday

I love the Instagram app on my phone! Do y'all use it? It's much like Facebook but just in pictures. I'm finding it to be such an easy way to capture all the fun, sweet, crazy moments of our day! I thought I'd share some pictures with y'all.

It's been a long 3 weeks with Bill traveling for work but hallelujah he will be home today :) We are looking forward to simple Easter weekend filled with lots of family time. What do you have planned?
PJ Bounce Party!

My new favorite candle! You can find it at Target :)

After a morning of puddle jumping an impromptu bath was in order and lots of cozy time on the couch! 
Four free pallets!! Woot woot!


Tomorrow will be 16 miles this week :) Glad Bill will be home so that the boys don't always have to join me. I think they have had enough and I know I could use a break from pushing over 90lbs in that stroller!

Will's first school pictures :) Cheesy cute!
Have a great weekend y'all! Oh and you can follow me on Instagram if you like :) My user name is domesticdoozie. Also, to get the multiple picture style I used a separate app called PicFrame.


  1. all awesome. you had inspired me to instagram it. never tried this! and i love your burro way!

  2. Great photos! Now to find you on instagram........

  3. GREAT pictures! So glad your man will be home today! Hugs to you! Happy Easter!

  4. Great job with the photos!!!...they have that "old school" rustic feel to them!!! Love it!!!