Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Puddle Stomping and Hot Cocoa

Those two things are a perfect combination in my opinon. And yesterday afternoon it was just what we needed! Once the gazillion layers were put on we braved the downright fridged weather and set out to find a few puddles.
To our disappointment it was slim pickings. I felt horrible because I had talked it up to the boys so much before hand! 
Thankfully Will is always quick to find the silver lining and an option for the group :)
One small but rather deep puddle :)
Jack was first to test it out. Success!

After a few more splashes Jack became bored and ventured off.
Will took this as his chance to show off. Of course a little stretching was in order....
A one foot stomp!
The proud smile....
What I call the Russian high-step technique ;)
And in one jump he splashed the rest of the water out of the puddle :)
He was thrilled!
We lasted a whole whopping 20 minutes outside, the freezing wind made we want to cry! So of course we had to warm up by the fire, and if we did that, then of course we needed hot cocoa and mini marshmallows :)
Warm toes and happy boys.
And a little delicious close-up of Jack :) Isn't he yummy? 


  1. Those puddles are a lot different than the ones you were used to in Alaska!! :))

  2. Love, Love, Love it! Their happy faces brought a smile to mine! Miss ya'll!!

  3. So sweet! What a fun little outing...even if it was short! Good for you for venturing out in the first place :) Wish we could join you in front of the fire for some hot chocolate! :) Been really missing you a lot this week! Hope you're doing well! hugs!

  4. How fun! The weather sure has been bi-polar recently! Spring is coming and with it lots of puddles.