Friday, March 9, 2012

Fun Friday Post

Finally it's Friday! We have nothing planned and I'm thrilled! Just a quiet weekend with a little cleaning and crafting and lots of family time :) Have a great weekend y'all!

Here are two fun Friday pictures for you:
 My mom and sister are in our old stomping grounds and took the time yesterday to visit two of my dear friends and their kiddos :) It was bittersweet for me to say the least. Thank you Mimi and Sassy!
These are the frames I'm working on for the shop! Yesterday I was able to mix a few custom colors of Annie Sloan Chalk paint and give them their first coat. Also I was able to reinforce all the frames with Bill's staple gun. He probably shouldn't have shown me how to use one, those staple guns are amazing! I could dream up a million uses. Will's play tent wouldn't stay up in the wind yesterday, so BAM stapled it to the wooden play-set! Brilliant! Ha! 

Have a great Friday!


  1. The picture of Denise and Sassy is too cute!!! Happy Friday Ko!!!

  2. Had a wonderful time visiting with them!! Grace was so excited to see Mimi!! Having your mom here, was like having you here!! Miss you!!