Saturday, February 4, 2012

Small Places, Happy Spaces

This is a quick post this morning. Bill has 24 hour duty today and my nephew will be over in a few hours for a play-date but I wanted to share these two small spaces with y'all. Every time I look at them I smile. They remind me of spring, something I'm very ready for!

My mom picked up this antique crate a few months ago and the hubs was sweet enough to hang it for me last weekend.  I love the little pop of fresh flowers and the milk-glass vase was a hit of a find for $2 at GoodWill! That picture is from our honeymoon :)

These sweet vases hang in my kitchen and I love the way they look with just some simple greenery.  If you want a set for yourself you can find them here.

Have a splendid Saturday; I'm thinking finger-paints and play-dough will be how I spend my morning :) Oh and coffee, lots of coffee!

PS. Dont forget about the February giveaway!


  1. Hi darlin I have been following and I'm so excited for your new blog and double excited about your thoughts of adoption! Good luck and God bless much love from an old (not that we are old) friend from flagstaff - Aisling

  2. Love these small places, happy spaces :) They are so sweet and totally remind me of you! Hope you're having a lovely Sunday my dear sweet friend! Hugs!

  3. I love those hanging vases!!!! SO cool!!!!!


  4. I lover the terrain hanging jars for flowers and the way you have them off the hooks like that! Definitly going to copy this look!