Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Frito Pie

Oh my word I'm so embarrassed that this is the first recipe I'm sharing with y'all! But I haven't had a chance to get anything up in the recipe section and last night I was getting dinner ready and I thought "Forget about fancy shmancy, this is an awesome dinner that my little men love, I'm just going to bite the bullet and let blogland see how classy dinner can be around here" ;)

My mom made this for our family growing up and it was always a huge hit. I'm not sure where it got it's name, it sounds so strange to me. You'll see at the end how I attempt to do the name justice :) Either way I love it because it's cheap, filling, reminds me of being a kid, and my kids don't throw a fit when I dish it up! Score!

So here you go:

Serves 4
1lb ground beef
1sm can tomato sauce
1sm can enchilada sauce
1 can of kidney beans

Garnishes: Fritos, cheese and sour-cream

Season the ground beef with a little salt then fully brown.

While the meat is cooking, drain and rinse your kidney beans.

Pour in the two cans of sauces and kidney beans and give it a good stir. Let simmer for 15 minutes and if needed stir in a little cornstarch to thicken the sauce.

Dish it up in a bowl or deep plate and garnish to look like a pie. Classy huh? Hopefully the embarrassment of this being the first recipe I share with you will light a fire under me to really get cooking!


  1. I love how you're able to make a simple dish look so chic!!! Thanks for helping me add one more dish to my 30-minute meals recipe list!

  2. i always forget this recipe, so thanx for the reminder! i have a week spot for fritos! i loved your wreath too! so darling!

  3. This sure is some fancy frito pie! It's always been fritos, chili, and cheese! Grated cheese if it is a special occasion! Haha. Love frito pies! Sonic makes a good one too!

  4. LOVE that this is your first recipe :) We always made chili boats with chili, fritos, onions, cheese and sour cream. I am going to have to try this b/c it looks similar and quite tasty :)