Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Break Campout

We are back! 
Refreshed, sun kissed, and already looking forward to our next camp out.
One overnight turned into two.
The boys were having such a good time and with Bill on leave
it was fun to tell them that we could stay another night.
So often our answers to them are "no,"- 
Mommy can we drive to Texas?
Can I drive to Texas?
Can I have a horse?
Can I have gum for breakfast?
this "yes" was like winning the lottery.

 They love to climb and the trees were the perfect sizes for them.
 Mornings in the tent were cozy and sweet.
 Spring was showing her lovely face.
 I found the cutest nature scavenger hunt over on I Am Momma Hear Me Roar.
She has a printout that fits on an egg cartoon~making the perfect holder for their finds.
 S'mores.....need I say more?
 We painted rocks and made watercolors of our campground. 
Little voices declared these some of the best days ever.
So thankful for these moments to slow down and just be.
 Will says the moss looks like it's from a Dr. Seuss book.
I think he is spot on, no?

 Freshly 3 and so confident.
 We took lots of hikes, played with sticks, stopped and explored everything that caught their attention. 
 Mr. Doozie took breakfast duty and I did lunches and dinners. 
I wont lie, breakfast in bed cuddled up with the littles is something this momma could get used to ;)
 Our camp was just a few sand dunes away from the beach.
Sooner or later y'all must have known we would find our way there.
These boys have salt water in their veins.
I'm amazed at how seamlessly it all went.
And when we told them we could do it all over again 
these were the faces we got!


  1. It looks like a wonderful time! We have yet to take our little guy camping. Maybe next summer...


  2. Looks like a fabulous time!! I could eat many s'mores until they were gone, just love them. Have a great weekend!!!!

  3. Such a perfect age to go camping!! So many things to explore and discover!! You had it all - the woods and the sumores the beach the trees!

  4. So fun! They are so adorable, can't say it enough :)
    I get to go camping with the older son and his Webelos patrol in a couple of weeks.
    Cannot wait!

  5. wow. what a FANTASTIC trip!
    we really need to take our girls camping.