Friday, April 19, 2013

Fundraising Updates for Selah

We are very blessed to have not one but THREE fundraisers
taking place right now for Selah!

The links are permanently set on the righthand side of the blog 
but today I wanted to officially write about them
in hopes of keeping y'all in the loop!

First we have a gorgeous PDF file available through
Flavor Pink
Click HERE to go to her Etsy shop and help bring Selah home!
I'm still completely humbled that a stranger would do this for us!

Second is a unique organization, Just Love Coffee Roasters that offers fair trade coffees and much more as products to support fundraising for families during their adoption journey.
Click HERE to be taken to our personal storefront.
A huge thank you to my dear friend Jen for finding this for us!

And finally we have partnered with Adoption Bug and Show Hope
in a t-shirt fundraiser. A portion of the proceeds go towards our journey while at the same time supporting an amazing organization, Show Hope: A movement to care for orphans
Click HERE to see the shirts that are available for purchase and support our adoption!
Once we have completed our home studies (praying that will be by early summer),
we will have the opportunity to apply for several grants.
Until then, your help, our budgeting and God's grace is what we are counting on!


  1. We want to help too. You two are such awesome parents, little Selah is going to be blessed to be in your family.

  2. Good luck with your fundraising! I wish I had a bunch of cash to send your way. I don't. : ( BUT: I'll donate a bib your way and give you a good deal on the quilt when you're ready.