Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What We Do When It Rains Rains Rains.....

A zip to the library
A hop into Starbucks
A realization the car needs new windshield wipers...
Home again
Soggy jackets hung to dry
Quilts and ropes make a simple tent
Little hands drag blankets and pillows under
and we 
read, cuddle, repeat

It's the little moments like this on these grey, drippy days 
that I am so thankful for.

Yes, I know it's a random Tuesday in a probably very busy week for you
but I hope you take time today to make moments with 
those you love.


  1. I remember building tents in the livingroom as a child and then for my own children, such good times. I agree with you KO, no matter what the time or day, always make moments for those you love. Your boys are so adorable, you are really blessed!

    PS- Are you learning to knit?

    1. I'm almost ready to learn! I think this will be the summer I completely dive in :)

  2. we had bunk beds and would hang our sheets and blankets to make a "cave"!! So much fun snuggled in flannels and reading! Creating memories that the boys will remember a life time!

  3. My kids used to make tents too and the mess! Oh the mess but with the mess came quiet and happiness and me being about to knit without interruption :) Love the photos!!