Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Adoption Update

I see the thunderheads rise
In the northern sky
And my heart is sinking
In the threatening tide
'cause my portside's heavy
with the worries of life
and the worries of dying
on the starboard side
I wonder, am I really
Stouthearted enough?
'Cause the ocean is rolling
and these waters are rough
There's a storm cloud brewing
In the sky above
So let my vessel be sturdy
Let my anchor be tough
'Cause the clouds are known to gather
and the wind is prone to blow
I'll keep my eyes on the horizon
Not below
And keep her steady as a river
When the wild wind comes to blow
I've already been delivered
So I'll keep her steady as she goes
I shiver in the wake of the raging storm
And my rigging is tattered
And these sails are torn
Gonna cast this cargo overboard
But I ain't setting my headings
For no change in course
Though the clouds are known to gather
And the wind is prone to blow
I'll keep her steady as a river
When the wild wind comes to blow
I've already been delivered
So I'll keep her steady as she goes
So when you can't find the faith to slumber
When you're thrown by every swell
You know that you're not going under
With the captain at the helm
~Andrew Peterson
Steady As She Goes

Our application is in.
After a year of prayer and saving
we submitted the official adoption paperwork on January 1st.

We had planned to send New Year's cards out this year with the announcement,
making a heart shape with the kids hands over the country of India.
Cheesy I know.

And then we received an email....
India is no longer accepting new applications for adoption at this time.

Our hearts sunk
How is that possible? 
Did we wait too long?
What do we do now?

We've talked and prayed a lot over the past few days.

And here is where we are:

Steady as she goes
Hanging onto the phrase "at this time".
We feel unshaken about the country of choice.
So we are moving forward, praying for the doors to reopen.
Accepting that the timeframe for this adoption is closer to 2 years out at least.

What y'all could do for us:

Keep praying for wisdom.
Pray for India to accept new applications.
Hang in there with us, we knew this journey was going to be hard and long
and your support is a balm to our waiting hearts.

And to our sweet girl Selah,
we know you are out there
we will find you.


  1. holding you and your family and your daughter to be in my prayers :)

  2. You are still on our prayer poster. We pray every day.

  3. How disappointing, but HE has a plan and I know that one day your little Selah will be in your arms. I will continue to pray for all of you!

  4. I'm sorry. How disappointing. :(

  5. gotcha covered sister! you and yours and she are on our list. i am picturing your love filled home with a dark haired smiling baby girl. i see it plain as day. :)

    lovely poem, too. and those boys, no, they aren't too cute!!!

  6. I'll be praying for you all to finally find her!

  7. Things will work out beautifully in the end, I'm sure! Your dedication is an inspiration. Sending you lots of positive vibes :)

  8. Thinking of you and your little family Ko. Sending you peace and strength. xo

  9. hello friend!! Adoption is so hard, God will lead you in the right direction. hugs and prayers :0)

  10. I wish to find your little girl. I will pray for you. Sorry for my question (I'm from Belarus), but why you don't try to adopt a baby-girl from your own country? Sorry if my question is too rude, I'm foreigner. I simply know that Americans adopt children from Russia, Belarus. Of course, life in your country is much more better then in our's and children are lucky to have such a chance, especially ill children. But I don't understand why you choose such a complicated way?
    Wish your dream come true!
    Aljonushka from faraway Belarus