Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Single Day of Snow

 Dora pup pretty much sums up the excitement we all shared about the rare snowfall we had.
The boys were up before 7am begging to play in it.
Mr. Doozie and I were quickly trying to sort through what cold weather gear we had 
and divvy it up between our little clan.
We all knew we couldn't waste a second
the sun was out and it was bound to melt by the day's end.

So while these pictures may not seem over the top, 
for my boys, this was a dream come true. 
I won't lie, I got a bit teary-eyed watching them play in the snow for the first time.
You see, I grew up in a town in the mountains of Arizona 
where the school buses wore snow chains and our 
cul-de-sac boasted a mountain of snow left over from the plows. Right in the middle, taller than the houses, perfect for grand adventures and an injury or two ;) 
Snow was a certainty there and I have so many fond memories of those winters.
I still can't believe that my oldest is almost 6 and this was his first time playing in the snow!
I'm thankful we were able to take full advantage of this one, lone day. 
The boys were quick to get busy,
snowball fights, sled pulls, hauling the "white gold" in trucks and buckets.
Not a single tear was shed over being cold; you know they are having fun when that happens!
 We teamed up with our neighbor's girls to build a snowman, and with their permission I was able to snap a few pictures of their littlest in the world's cutest hat! I mean really?!? Every one year old little girl needs a hat like this! Oh the cuteness!
Jack of course said he needed his picture taken, never one to risk being left out ;) 
And here is our grand snowman errr...I  mean snow gal. The kiddos were pretty proud of it and surprisingly my boys didn't mind the hello kitty hat on top!
They lasted a total 2.5 hours that morning before we had to head home and defrost.
Yay, for a little dusting of snow! 
It made our winter!


  1. Yay! you got some snow! I love the little snowman, it's just the right height for the kids :)

  2. YOU GOT SNOW!!! How fun ko, for all of you. This made my day seeing your boys having such a great time in the snow.

  3. at first glance I thought that the "hat hair" was real ;-)
    You want snow kids, come on up to northern Alberta, as in Canada eh ;p we received another inch of the white stuff last night. (there is 2 feet of pristine snow in my yard just waiting for little ones to play in)

  4. oh my! the hat! the sled! this is awesome! we need to arrange a winter house swap...because i am jones-ing for some beach!!!!!! and have plenty o snow for you!!!

    1. Yes yes yes, a house swap would be the answer to our need for snow!

  5. I remember visiting you guys in the winter.. I probably have this completely wrong, but the way my memory remembers it.. was that your Dad pulled us on sleds tied to the pack of a jeep or truck or something. Did I just make this up or am I actually remembering it correctly? We went to Flagstaff this weekend to go sledding (rained the entire time), but I was telling my friends this I hope its true! haha. Great pics! Glad you got some snow! :-)

    1. You've got that memory right! Oh the adventures we had in Flag. Mr. Doozie doesn't believe all of them, so thank you for the comment, I've got a bit of proof :)

  6. Wasn't it glorious?! That last pic of your boys should be framed. It is such a story. Our snow lasted almost 3 days because of the shade from the woods. Then,in an instant, yesterday it was all gone. BUT I will admit I was happy to have warm weather after all the cold. You just can't please some people,huh!

    I love your whipped cream hearts. What a lovely, simple idea.

  7. Glad you gotta little snow! Reminds me I oughtn't take it for granted!!!

  8. What a fun day! I Absolutely LOVE that last picture! It's a framer! :)

  9. Too cute! I love the braids:) Winter is so great if you just enjoy! Thanks for the cinnamon roll tip! ARG! Have a lovely day!

  10. OMG...THAT HAT!
    I loved the whole post.
    But...THE HAT!!!!!!!