Thursday, October 25, 2012

These Two.....

It has been an odd week for us over here. Will was sick for the first half, missing school and needing lots of blankets, cuddles and rest. Jack, thrilled with having his brother home but frustrated with the lack of attention Will could give him, pushed and tested me on everything. Thankfully by Wednesday afternoon Will was feeling much better and the wrestling match, lego building, double trouble band got back together. 

These two....what can I say. I dreamed of a home full of girls and now I wake up each day thinking how blessed I am for these little men in my life. For the hilarious, messy, loud joy they have brought this house. It's pretty awesome.

Just for fun I wanted to share these pictures. They crack me up. Photo shoots with Mr. Doozie there to help keep the jokes a'flowing and the smiles a'coming are always fun. The boys never notice the camera....well at least not till after I've taken a few frame worthy shots ;) 

Happy Thursday y'all! Don't forget I pick a winner this Saturday for The Big Birthday Giveaway! There is still time to enter :)