Thursday, October 18, 2012

Random Thursday Post

Hello hello! Thursday's post was scheduled to be the Pretzel Bread Recipe that I have been raving about. But the step by step pictures still need to be edited and I really need to finish a few things for tomorrow's Big Birthday Giveaway. So I chose the giveaway, I think you would have wanted it that way ;) Pretzel Bread? Maybe Monday.

So instead I thought I'd bombard you with some Instagram pictures from the very full but wonderful week we've been having! Tell me, is your week a happy one? I do hope so! If not, "treat yo self" today! Name that show ;)

How cute is this felt bouquet?!?!  One of the wonderful things about this little blog world and Instagram is that I have been able to connect with other women who are also on a journey to bring their children home. If you have a moment today you really should head on over to Tobi's site. Not only is she incredibly talented, all her work goes towards bringing their sweet Ivey home.
My SIL found out she is having a girl! A girl! Eeeeeeekkkkk! The first in the family and I've already begun the spoiling! I've also already nicknamed her and my plan for it to stick is in the works ;)
 Oh, these two! School pictures are always a toss up, but this time I was rather pleased :)
I've had some big order pour in and I could not be more thankful! The shop stats have jumped so thank you to everyone who is passing through! I still have so much holiday stocking to do!
Jack has been waking up long before the sun the past few weeks. I don't mind it so much now, but that may have to do with all the yummy coffee I've been rewarding myself with. Ha!
I had the honor of creating a custom order for a friend in Texas. Her little girl needed an over the top headband to go with her mermaid costume :) Ooooo it was so fun to make!
This is a new item I'm adding to the shop. Retractable ID badges. I think they would be the cutest little gifts, you can even choose your own color combo! Hopefully in a few days there will be a rosette style to choose from too!
Orders! Lovely, wonderful, fill my heart with joy orders! Each package gets sent on it's way with a little freebie, these felt bow paperclips keep all the paperwork in order! One customer has told me that they are perfect clips for chip bags. Ha! Another one sends it on teacher notes to school :) Love the reusable factor!
The boys had a little fall festival at school! Jack obviously thought it was awesome, Will on the other hand..... I've heard girls are more dramatic but Will might prove otherwise.
I picked up some new running shoes and did my first 5 miles in them last night! Glorious! I don't know what it is about new shoes, major happy factor for me. Although like I said on IG, the color totally makes me crave mint chocolate chip ice cream! That might prove to be a problem ;)

Alright this randomness must end! I've got a huge list of craftiness calling my name! Hope your day is wonderful and don't forget tomorrow is the Big Birthday Giveaway!!


  1. Love it....hope you have a lovely Thursday!!!

  2. You are so lucky to be getting a little girl in the family! I want! I seriously Lovell your crafty things.

  3. The snickerdoodles look really, really good. I like all the new uses for pumpkin that go way beyond pumpkin pie. Your boys school pics are super cute. The shoes are pretty cute too. 5 miles? Whoa. I am impressed.

  4. Gorgeous - you are one talented lady!! Have come over from the blog hop and will be back again!! Am following now. Love early mornings and coffee! Xx

  5. I'm still stuck on the news about your SIL having a girl...YAY!!! YAY!!! YAY!!! So excited for her!!! p.s. LOVE all of the fun random pics...especially the boys school pics...they look soOoOo handsome!!!