Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lil' Pumpkin Baby Shower

I love Fall, I love babies, and I love parties! So today I wanted to revisit one of my most favorite baby shower themes I've done yet. One of my dear friend in San Diego let me have the honor of hosting a baby shower for her almost 2 years ago now.  Since it was in the Fall months and she shared a love of all things Autumn too a theme was born. I was pleased as punch with how it turned out.
Painted pumpkins, tissue paper pom-poms and mason jars filled with bird seed and a tea lights made for easy decorations.
I served all sorts of yummy Fall food and drinks. And of course my Good Will punch bowl and cups made a debut! One of the best thrift find I own :)
 Scrapbook paper, ribbon and twine added little touches to the room.
For favors we gave out the most outrageously yummy Chai Candied Almonds. I'll be sharing that recipe tomorrow :)
I spray painted my cupcake stand for the umpteenth time, such an easy way to bring the theme together.
Love this Lil' Pumpkin diaper cake :)

Of course we had to show off that sweet little profile, my babies never gave me a good profile pic. Little miss C has been posing since the very beginning :)
I never got a picture of this baby board when it was finally filled. But the idea behind this game is that each guest brings a picture of themselves when they were a baby. The pictures get pinned up and then the ladies get a chance to try and figure out what baby matches what guest. Some of the ladies got pretty competitive :) Whoever had the most correct matches won.
Wasn't that fun? I loved that it did have the traditional pale pink theme. Thanks again Jess for letting me run with my idea!


  1. Oh my're such a tease with mentioning those Chai Candied Almonds again! Those were by far one of my favorite things you made!
    That shower was absolutely beautiful and had so much heart that went into it! You are truly an amazing planner and friend! Love ya!

  2. I love pumpkin everything (hence the name in my blog). Fall is the best time of the year and pumpkins remind me of that!

  3. I love that! My Nathan was Ron on Oct 31 so I have done the gamut of fall and costume themed parties. Now he asks for hints like Star Wars, such a pity ;)
    You did a great job!

  4. Very unique and original party theme.I too love that it wasn't pink, but it really reflected the guest of honor so well. Cute and creative.

  5. What an amazing idea ko, you really are so talented!

  6. I know this is a few years later lol but are those small brown paper bags and may I ask where you were able to get them? Thank you!

    1. Hi Dee! I found the paper bags at Michael's :)

  7. Hi! I hope you see this. I am planning to make this diaper cake, can I know where you found the decorations for the diaper cake? Thanks!

  8. Happy to know about this baby shower party. I am in search of exemplary LA venue for arranging my best friend’s baby shower party. Came across few amazing venues and planning to book the right one. Hope to have a great party.

  9. Thanks for providing a lot of cute little pumpkin baby shower decorations ideas! The Chai candied Almonds are very intriguing :)

  10. Loved it. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes from BigFday ( )