Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Recap: A Quick Visit

Hello hello! It's a rainy dreary Monday over here, but I think it might be just what we need. The boys are snuggled under quilts and I have lots of house stuff to attend to and birthday party prep to tackle, so just for today bring on the rain :)

Did y'all have a wonderful weekend? I hope so! Ours was full full full but we enjoyed every second of it. We had some friends drive in for a visit and we did our best to take full advantage of the time we had together. From crafting to yummy meals, to a beach trip and lots of play time I think everyone had a great time.
Meet sweet miss Naomi. She wasn't so sure of the waves and all the messy sand so the two of us spent most of our time on the beach blanket playing with a few toys and poking sticks into the sand.
Our friends Chad and Ose and their littlest, Isaac. He was fearless about the water! It was suppose to rain all day on Saturday, we were so thankful for the little slice of sunshine we got!
Happy flowers for our sweet guests!

I found a pillow for the guest bed that I just love!

The world's easiest breakfast! Banana Bread muffins and fresh fruit. I'll post the recipe for the Banana Bread tomorrow, it's my mom's and it truly is THE MOST AMAZING BANANA BREAD EVER!

Have an incredible day!


  1. I bet your friends had the best time ever! I have never had fresh flowers welcome me on a trip!! I love how kids are different about the water and what they like. My son was very shy when we went to the ocean when he was young!

  2. Sharing the weekend and your home with friends sounds like a great way to spend the weekend. The little one here isn't too fond of the waves either, although she does love a tidal pool. My family loves banana bread so I will be ready for tomorrow's post.

  3. Looks like an amazing time! I desperately want to come see you! Miss you very much sweet friend! Also, can you teach me the secret to those cute mason jar holders with the white daisies in them? I would love to make them or if you bought them somewhere, find them and purchase them for one of my walls! :)

  4. What lovely hospitality for your dear friends. I love the hanging vases, especially.