Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I've heard epic stories from mothers who have boys....the antics and crazy stunts they try to pull. I just didn't know that it could start as young ages 2 and 4! Sheesh!
I was in the kitchen cooking dinner when Will walked in wearing the outfit above. Mind you it was 90+ degrees out and beyond humid.

"Mom, I'm going skidding, don't worry I "fermembered" to take my good clothes off."

I already know what he is talking about. The first time this event occurred was a few months ago, I just didn't know he named the activity. Skidding...hmmm you have to admit it's catchy. And the flannel pj uniform could start a trend ;)
Jack is already waiting in the yard, jeep charged up and ready to roll. He loves the power he has in this game.

 Will runs off the deck, does a very dramatic belly flop onto the grass and grabs the back of the jeep. "Go Jack go!" he yells. 

Jack drops the jeep into the fastest gear and then they zip around the yard. Will screams with joy and Jack is prouder than a Georgia peach! It lasts a good 20 minutes :)

We've only had one injury from this so far. Will didn't realize it might be a bad idea to only do it in his undies....poor kid had scratches and hives all down the front of his body. Oh my! This is just the beginning isnt it????


  1. You've seen pics of my boys, same age difference. Yes it starts early, and yes it's just the beginning, lol! The great thing is with any luck they will come through being besties forever...

  2. Those pajamas look mighty white for being the not good clothes:). I just love this and I so love your attitude about it!!

  3. LOVE this sweet post about your sweet boys! One of the many things I LOVE about you my dear friend is your attitude! You have an amazing attitude and I always learn so much from you! Hope you have a lovely Tuesday my sweet friend!

  4. They are so sweet ko!
    Yes, as the mom to four boys I can honestly say this is just the beginning. I am from a family of three girls so boys were new to me and my goodness are they different all the way around! A lot of fun, just different.

  5. Oh my word, I had to read this to Jeff. What a hoot these two are and yes, boys come up with some pretty interesting ideas for entertainment. My brother once turned the toilet into a geyser, set the garage door on fire, and turned off the water main -- not on the same day mind you, but he kept my parents on their toes!