Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

Hello lovely ladies! I'm back, refreshed and rested. How was your Mother's Day? I thought about y'all, it's encouraging to know that I am in the trenches of motherhood with so many of you. Happy belated Mother's Day!

So last week was Teacher Appreciation Week at school. Yep a WHOLE week. Will has two incredible teachers who have made this move across the country so much easier for us and he loves them dearly. That being said we are a military family on a budget so this momma had to get a little crafty. And what can I say, that is a challenge I'm always up for!

3 little gifts, one for each day of school. It was a complete success!

Monday: Mason Jar Pincushions/Sewing Kits with a little note that said "Thank you for being sew wonderful".

Wednesday: Summer Cottage Lavender Sachets.

Friday AKA The Grand Finale: Felt Rosette Elastic Bookmarks with a little devotional and a small Starbucks gift card.

It turned out to be a fun week of gift giving and hopefully I was able to show these two amazing teachers how much we care about them. This week I'll be sharing a step-by-step tutorial for both the bookmarks and the mason jar pincushions.

Happy Tuesday~


  1. What lovely gifts ko! I especially like the lavender sachets since I have been thinking of making a few here, although my sewing skills look like a preschooler sewed it!
    I like the flowers on your bookmarks. I make the same thing except I use a bead, but will do flowers next time.
    Have a beautiful Tuesday!

  2. Those are great ideas! I especially like the pincushion jars, that's very clever and cute.

  3. I adore what you did for Will's teachers!

  4. I adore what you did for Will's teachers!

  5. Soooo neat! I love all of your ideas! How are you all managing at your casa with HFM?