Friday, April 27, 2012

Selah's Quilt

Alright y'all. I'm at a good place this summer to tackle a huge project. But I need some help!
This is a gorgeous vintage quilt that was hand-sewn by my great grandmother. It is in such bad repair that I'm at a loss of what to do with it. It was never stored correctly and the rips and tears are major. At first it made me angry that it wasn't cared for but now I look at it as a quilt well loved. Still though, I want this to last in the years to come so something has to be done.
Today was actually the first day I completely laid it out. To restore it would be a lot of work. The plan had been that this would be used in Selah's room...yes I'm already planning her room, no we haven't submitted our paperwork. I'll post an update on Monday about that :) Will has taken to asking about her and where she is. I tell him I don't know but God does. He responds with "yep, I bet God is holding her right now". He is going to be such a protective big brother when it comes to his little sister. 
Isn't this picture so sweet? He knows it belongs to his sister. Sigh....
Alright back to the quilt. Goodness a momma can get so swept up in her children!
These vintage fabrics are drool worthy!

 But alas, this is what I'm dealing with....
What would you do? I had big dreams of this welcoming our daughter into a new generation of woman. That when she looked at this quilt she would see how so many different prints and colors could be combined with such love that it created a masterpiece. That this was part of her legacy now. 

Pay big bucks and send it to a restoration place. 
Cut it down and turn it into a smaller quilt, replacing the back and the binding.
Cut a few squares out and frame them-this feels very last resort to me.

I would love some advice, even if it sounds crazy. Lets hear it!


  1. Do whatever your heart tells you. :-) I personally think I would cut it down and turn it into a smaller quilt. AND frame the scrap or use those sewing rings and use those as frames.

  2. Just have one row removed. Know one will ever know the difference. Good luck.

  3. Is it possible to do both of your last two ideas? If you cut it down and make it a tad smaller, could you use what you cut to frame and make beautiful artwork? I know that you will come up with something fabulous and that the Lord will guide your crafty heart! No matter what you do, I know it will be done with love and with prayer! It will turn out perfect!

  4. I can't wait to see what you do. I have a quilt that has a big old hole chewed out from a dog....I still have it thinking It can be fixed.

  5. Save as much as you can and just make it smaller, it is beautiful and definitely carries a lot of love and memories with more to come. I know you will make it beautiful!!

  6. I like both the idea of cutting a row off and the idea of making a smaller wilt for use and framing a piece. My mom framed a chunk of a quilt my Fram made and I love it. So lovely that you have it!

  7. Okay, I am going to differ with the pack. I think you should add a piece of fabric to cover the missing area, and keep the quilt large. You may be glad you have a bed-size quilt, and I think it's a bit of a crime to tamper too much with what grandma created. (No offense to those who think otherwise) The tatters even tell the story of life, cuz no matter how perfect things start out, there is going to be damage along the way, and patching over it and repairing is what we do to survive. You could even embroider Selah's name and date of birth on the new piece, as well as Grandma's name and dob. It would become a meaningful family document. Whatever you decide, it's a gorgeous piece of handwork.

  8. My MIL is a quilter and fixed a quilt that my dog chewed a few holes in. I would contact a local quilt shop and see if you can take it in for someone to look at. You would be better off with some expert advice.