Monday, March 5, 2012

These Are The Days...

Over on the old blog I had posted this topic recently but I've yet to do so here. Being a military family usually means giving up the option to live near relatives, especially immediate family. So you can imagine our shock and excitement when we found out for the time being we would be living a mile from my brother and SIL. Our kids our getting to spend some growing up years together and I couldn't be more thrilled. Without further adieu, meet the pack of wild cousins:
The energy level is palpable! Often times my SIL and I are left speechless :)

My boys got their daddy's shape of eye, but here Hud is displaying my side of the family's trademark :) My Dad, Sis and Brother all have those big blue eyes and they all can make that face. Oh it makes me laugh out loud to see it in the third generation!

It's a domino effect with their actions too. If one kid does it the others follow suit :)

We spend so much time together all 3 act like brothers. I love Jack's panicked face in the background of this picture! How dare Hudson remove the food tray! The brawls that have taken place are epic.

I'm even more happy with my deployment splurge this last go around. The double stroller has been a life saver!

Of course my mom, their Mimi, is thrilled with this new situation. Oh, the bandaid that is going to have to be ripped off when we move! I try not to think about it too much.

My all time favorite picture of these three munchkins. Their backs prove to be the easiest to photograph these days ;)

My prayer is that in these few short years our boys will forge a bond that will be unbroken no matter where we move and that their ties to family and friendship will be cemented. What a sweet life they are living!


  1. I know I've seen Sassy make the face that Hud's making in that one picture with the big blues - it's the first time I've seen a family resemblance between those two! :) These pics melt my heart! I love that our boys have each other - and that we have each other, too!

  2. What a blessing! Love how happy they all look in all of your pictures :) We sure miss you guys, but are so glad that you are near family :)

  3. Awww sooo precious! I can't wait to see all of these boys for the party next week!