Monday, February 20, 2012

Yarn Wreath Tutorial

Happy Monday y'all! We had a lovely three day weekend and I was finally able to finish my wreath! It's a pretty simple tutorial but I thought I'd go ahead and post it because I did learn a few tricks. Plus, the thing took me so long to wrap I really just want to show it off ;)

All you need is a wreath form (bite marks optional, my toddler thought it was a giant teething ring), a skein of yarn, a few pins, and lots of time to sit and wrap, wrap, wrap. 

On the back of your wreath form set the end of your yarn and push a pin though it and into the form. I decided to use pins because it gives me the option of changing yarn color down the road and I could be able to use the same form again. 

Keep the yarn tight and start wrapping the wreath form, making sure the yarn is laying as close together as possible. My SIL used a thicker yarn and I love the look of it, plus I'm sure it cut the wrap time down immensely. I'll try and get a picture of it for you next week. 

On the back side of the wreath you can see that my spacing wasn't so great. Once you get farther along you can gently push the yarn closer together but in the end I was only worried about how the front looked. Also, every time I needed a break or chores were calling my name I pushed a pin into the yarn and form to hold my place. That way my wrap job didn't loosen while it waited for me. 

Whew! Finally all wrapped up. I knotted my yarn and pushed the pin back in it to hold it all in place. 

Then choose your decorations. I made a bunch of felt flowers that matched the colors of my sewing area since that is where my wreath will hang. 

I wasn't too thrilled with just the brown yarn so I took a piece of twine and wrapped it a few times around the wreath to add some dimension. More pins on the back to hold it in place and I was good to go. To attach my flowers I used small satin pins, that way I can once again change out the arrangement any time I want. Just make sure you hide them well.

All finished!

When I went to hang the wreath in the window frame I realized it was way too small for the area. Oh, I wanted to cry! But Bill came to the rescue and suggested I paint the scrolly corner thingys to decrease the blank space. Love that man! I whipped out my poster paint pen and got to work! After the paint was dry I hung the wreath using a piece of scrap linen I had, leaving the edges raw for texture. This whole little art piece hangs above my sewing table and I love it. The blue makes it feel a tad bridal to me, so that flower might have to go but for now I think it's pretty darn cute!

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  1. I adore this wreath!!!!! So cute and I love what you did with the corners of the window frame too! So crafty you are my dear friend :)