Monday, February 6, 2012

Oh Baby Powder!

Before we took out the carpets Jackson apparently thought he'd create one more mess on them for me. I was in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher when all the sudden the air filled with "smoke" and I went into total panic mode. I rushed into the living room thinking I would gather my children in my arms and escape from a house of flames. Yes, I was this dramatic about it, and no I didn't realize the air smelled baby fresh instead of smokey. I can be a drama queen sometimes, just ask my husband. Bless his heart he's so patient with me. Anyhow, as I came around the corner I found my little man like this.

Sorry for the poor quality picture. It was taken on my phone. But look at that stinker face! He had emptied the entire contents of the container onto the carpet and was in the middle of his own Monster Jam Mayhem show! As he banged his truck on the carpet, clouds of powder would shoot into the air, leaving a thin coating of powder all over the room and I do mean ALL over! Bill said when they took out the carpets the powder had made its way past the padding and was all over the cement slab. Not sure what that says about the carpet or the power of my son....

A few weekends ago I found these pictures of me at about the same age:

I should have scanned these but you get the idea. Looks like I had the same exact plan when I was little. Although I look a tad more worried I might get in trouble, maybe that's a girl thing. All I can say is, OH BABY POWDER! It's a mess to clean up and I'm so sorry mom! :)


  1. Ha great that you have these pictures! Jack is so clever...too bad it was with a mess maker! Hope that you're having a fabulous Tuesday! :)