Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Dora Pup!

We are a little crazy about our dog. But I think if you met her you would be too! She is the sweetest, most patient, most kind dog I've every known. We rescued her from Mexico through Baja Animal Sanctuary on Valentine's Day 3 years ago, and it's been a love-fest ever since. It wasn't planned, I asked Bill to take us down to a local pet adoption drive just to take a peek at a few puppies I had seen on Pet Finder. When we arrived in the parking lot there were a few dogs but we were told that two of the trucks that were crossing the border had been delayed, the dogs were in their kennels way too long and they asked for additional volunteers to help unload as soon as the arrived. So of course we waited. When the trucks pulled up I stood at the back of the vehicle and saw her. She looked up at me and I looked at Bill, he says that's when he knew we were getting a dog :) I love that man!

She was awesome with all the kiddos that cycled through our house in Cali. Such a momma dog!

She loves to curl up next to my feet while I'm sewing, she could stay there all day :)

She LOVES the ocean, this was taken in Coronado before we moved. It has been so hard to have moved to an area where dogs are required to be on leash at the beach. Since it's winter we've been sneaking her on and letting her run, which is a HUGE deal if you know what a rule-boy my hubby is! She has definitely stolen his heart ;)

We love you miss Dora! Even the ridiculous amount of shedding :) Happy 4th birthday pup!

In other news, Happy Valentine's Day to you all! I have lots of fun little activities planned today for the kiddos, so there will be a second post this evening with everything we did today :)


  1. Peyton says Happy Birthday to her Dora dog! I still have that picture of her laying with her in your entryway! It's because of Dora and your wonderful experience with Baja that we have Duffy! I think Dora and Duffy are the most patient loving dogs I have ever met!

  2. Oh all the posts to make me cry. Good Lord. Happy Birthday Dora. MISS YOU TONS.